Consultations & Visits

Initial Visit

I will collect vital information about your main health concerns, general health history, diet and lifestyle habits. This is a chance for you, the patient, to fully express your concerns and goals, and help me understand you as a whole person. This comprehensive intake allows me to create a treatment plan uniquely tailored to your health and wellness needs. The appointment also includes a physical exam and some in-house tests. Additional testing may be recommended if necessary to complete the assessment.

Second Visit

The second visit gives us an opportunity to go through the results of any lab tests ordered, check in on progress, expand on your individualized treatment plan, and discuss short and long term goals and strategies.

Follow-up Visits

Subsequent follow up visits are typically 30 minutes in duration and scheduled as needed (8-12 weeks apart) to support your evolution towards optimal health. These appointments are opportunities to check in on progress, answer any questions and adjust your treatment plan to suit your wellness needs.